About us


About us

My Mother’s Hug Preschool, Pre k and Toddler Care
Welcome to My Mother’s Hug Preschool, PreK and Toddler Care. We are a licensed child care facility, with a capacity of children for Full day programs, from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

The inside area is 3770 sq ft divided into 4 separate classrooms. The classrooms are very well designed, with care to include all quality materials and learning centers. The interior of each room has beautiful colors and painted murals on the wall. The outdoor space is equally well designed, with a beautiful playground that is fenced for protection of the children. We have plenty of climbing slides, and tricycles to enhance the gross motor skill of each child.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that children are natural learners; they grow, create and learn in an environment that is fun and creative. Since 2013, My Mother ‘s Hug Preschool and Toddler Care has been providing quality learning as a day care to children of ages 18 months to 5 years. Our school is committed to the concept of the whole child, by providing programs and learning activities age appropriate in a challenging, motivating environment.

In our daily schedule, your child participates in hands on activities that are developmentally appropriate. They build academic, problem solving and social skills that are essential, for their future success in today’s changing time and 21st century.

We value providing trust to parents who are looking for an early child care. We will continue to build this trust and relationships with focus upon the diversity and culture.

The famous words of Michelangelo, “I am still learning” show that while academic learning can be accomplished in limited span, the quest for learning is never ending.

How we are different

Many parents like to ask this question, how we are different from other preschools?

We are happy to answer that. Our curriculum is based upon the principles and value that children learn best when they are exploring. We have a vast variety of age appropriate learning centers that prepares the child to interact and be innovative. We also provide, one age level higher curriculum, to children that want to be challenged.

The goal is to prepare our students, with the much needed skills and confidence for their future, by making them problem solvers, innovators of the 21st century. The school strives to provide a safe and supportive environment, of high quality which is important for early learning and growth.

We have teachers, who are highly qualified and sensitive to meet individual needs of the child.

We offer nutritious breakfast and healthy meals for our children, and two snacks provided daily.

Our Teachers

At My Mother’s Hug, we educators like to teach and inspire to dream big. We prepare children to become confident, independent learners for Kindergarten and beyond.

Our dedicated teachers are very qualified, passionate and highly trained in early childhood education. They have completed back ground checks and have completed training for CPR and First aid. They are responsive, respectful and sensitive to the needs of the child, as they too understand how each child is unique in the pace of learning and growth.

Each child’s safety and well being is very important to us, therefore we employ teachers that are caring, and respect the needs of the families and cultural diversity.


  • Knowledge is not given, children learn through play and meaningful interactions. This shows each child is unique and we value this in our curriculum and teaching philosophy.

  • Providing a developmentally based program, in an environment designed for young children.

  • Respect for each child’s individual growth timings and pattern.

  • Our curriculum is oriented around the whole child, an Emergent approach to planning, in which activities emerge, based upon ideas from both child and staff.

  • The schedule and space is structured to allow children to pace themselves and choose activities to stimulate and interest their curious minds and create a sense of learning.

  • Our physical environment, both indoors and outdoors offers children a physical setting where they can play, explore and learn safely.

Non discrimination policy:

My Mother’s Hug Preschool, Prek and Toddler care center does not discriminate on basis of race, color, creed, religion, marital status, nationality, cultural heritage, political beliefs, gender in any aspects of our policies or procedures.