Ujjal B.
Fremont, CA
Mother’s hug totally justifies its name ‘Mother’s hug’ in all means. I had called so many day care for my 1.5 years old daughter in 2017 and got disappointed to know that none of day cares had any capacity near my locality. Mother’s Hug owner Monika is a very nice person with a great heart. She told me that she can accommodate our daughter temporarily for a month since one of her day care kids went to India for vacation. That’s how I got so lucky and relieved to find a day care which is so near to our house and on the way to my office. Our daughter is almost 3 years now and I can’t imagine she could have found any better place than Mother’s hug.
Do I have more than 5 STAR to rate Mother’s hug? Monika is too kind a person and she has a magic in her voice and the way she handles the kids. Our daughter doesn’t listen to us at home, but in Mother’s hug she is a very obedient kid. The best part is that our daughter is always ready to go to day care and never says NO to ‘Lets go to Monika aunty’. She loves to go to day care, she keeps saying ‘I love Monika aunty, Asha aunty, Poonam aunty’.. ”Thank” you is a very small word to thank Monika and all Mother’s hug stuff to teach our daughter discipline and most importantly make her potty trained in such a short period of time. There are lot of things which I like about Monika and can go on and on writing. Monika organizes all possible ‘kids parties’ whether it is ‘Mother’s day’, ‘Valentines Day’, ‘Christmas’ and all parents are invited to all of them. Kids love all the celebrations and they are taught songs, dances in all celebrations and all the kids perform in front of the invited guests (their parents). It is such a lovely environment to feel like a home with so much love and affection. Another great thing about Monika is she is very detail oriented and she gives individual attention to every kid. I am so surprised to know that Monika somehow figured out that our daughter loves the song ‘Dil dia gallan’. Monika gave us a pleasant surprise by recording a sweet video of my daughter singing the song and sending the video in whatsapp. She always encourages each kid with her magical words ‘good job’..
Thank you again from my bottom of my heart to Monika and all stuff of Mother’s Hug for taking such a good care of our daughter. I would recommend Mother’s hug to all my friends.