Parul V.
San Francisco, CA
My daughter goes to “My Mother’s hug” daycare. Really loved this place from day 1. I was looking for a daycare that is well hygienic and where the food served is fresh and homemade.Plus the people who are taking care of my daughter to be as loving and caring as us.I found all this at one place that made it an obvious choice to go ahead and enroll her here.
The teachers Miss Monika and Miss Asha are all great caretakers and my daughter love them so much that she keep talking about them after coming home.This itself shows that she is very happy at this place and I can sense their love for my daughter too.
They make sure that all children are eating well and drinking enough water throughout the day. If any child is not eating they put extra efforts to feed the child with their own hands. At other places, I have usually seen and heard that teachers do not bother to pay attention if the child is not eating. I love the fact that the food served to kids here every day is planned as per the required daily nutrition, balancing Carbs Proteins Veggies and fresh fruits.Very important for a growing child’s growth.
Kids do some or the other activities every day. I loved the “Little Red riding hood” play they composed involving all the kids. This gives the little toddlers an early exposure towards presenting themselves and showing interest in participating in various activities.I am sure all the kids thoroughly enjoyed doing the play. My daughter being the youngest is learning very well along with other children.She looks very happy when I go to pick her up and sometimes reluctant to leave from there 🙂 I feel completely relaxed and carefree when she is in her daycare.
I must say, it was the best decision I made! 🙂