Jess L.
Newark, CA
My daughter has been going to My Mother’s Hug since she was 18 month. I still clearly remember that at the beginning, I was so worried and thinking it will take her a while to adjust and was mentally prepared for a big battle. Surprisingly, only after a few days (not even a week), she was already totally melted by Monika and other aunties’ love, literally. The easy transition part made our life much easier than I expected and that’s also a start of a wonderful journey for my little girl.
Everyday, there is some sort of activities (learning a letter or doing a crafting) organized, as well as fun dancing, singing and playing. I can feel that my daughter really had fun time everyday when I pick her up, which is really all what I want for my little girl — enjoy every moment with or without me being next to her!
On top of that, I really appreciate Monika and other aunties there, they are not only providing a facility and some physical caring, but also giving their love to the kids, sharing and offering professional children care suggestions and experiences to new parents like me and my husband. For special occasions like potty train, I was literally knowing nothing when it came and heavily relied on Monika’s advices and reminders on what we should be doing at home step by step…
I would like to strongly recommend My Mother’s Hug to anyone, especially new parents. It made our life much easier and in a way, the whole family is happier! Thank you so much, Monika and My Mother’s Hug!