Young Preschoolers


Children continue to grow and have different developmental milestones, usually by this age they are now interacting with peers, enjoying playing in little groups. Children are becoming more aware of themselves while performing activities, through learn and play.

Cognitive development

Practicing and learning to count numbers

Understanding sizes and measures of objects, by providing tools, like rulers, measure tape, measuring cups etc

Providing materials for sorting objects, into groups by shape and color

Solve age appropriate puzzles

Understanding concepts like opposites, patterns and sequencing order and before and after

Recognition of two and three dimensional shapes

Simple addition and subtraction word problems, to help children think logically and become problem solvers

Language skills:

Our preschoolers are expanding their use of language and trying to gain better understanding of print, in the classroom

Practicing new words, their phonic skills are helping them to sound words, blending syllables and consonants to improve vocabulary

Practice simple sentences and understanding to tell simple stories, by thinking logical

Following multi step directions and daily routines

Participating in songs, and drama activities with teachers and group of friends

Learning Days of week, calendar songs, at circle time etc

Understand difference of opposites, day /night, up /down etc by understanding better sense of time.

Physical skills:

By this age children show greater ability to perform fine and gross motor activities and to participate in groups or play by themselves.

Ride tricycle outside, catch a large ball using both hands and kicking ball in outdoor activities

They are now playing for longer period of time, with friends and enjoy outdoor fun.

Holding crayons for imitating and sketching familiar objects

Lacing beads and creating fun art using play dough and colors

Providing plenty of art, craft activities, like tracing, cutting to help children develop their fine motor skills

Emotional and Social development:

They continue to look for security from their familiar adults, as they explore and play

Learning to express their emotions through cause and effect

Encouraged to build friendships and they like to help peers and express simple gestures of hugs

Teachers provide opportunities for free play and are sensitive to the needs of the child

Teacher read stories and encourages children to ask questions that will help develop their communication skills

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