Pre K

Pre K

Our Pre k program is designed, for ages 4years to 5 years with the idea to promote and prepare children for the next big step of entering Kindergarten. To cultivate positive learning and their problem solving skills, by providing a well structured curriculum. Children grow at different pace and we understand each child is unique. Teachers act as a guide and are qualified in Early Education and exactly understand the child’s growing need.


Pe kinders are expanding their critical thinking; they are developing better memory skills

They are identifying, classifying, comparing colors, shapes in the activities provided

Learning to add numbers, using mental math and subtraction word problems

Understanding the meaning of measurement and concepts big, small, near, far, up, down, in, out etc

Describing shapes and learning other more dimensional shapes

Reasoning the sequence of events, order of sequence like first, second, third etc

Counting in groups of ones, and ten and understanding odds and even

Reading data and solving problems based upon simple graphs, making them independent problem solvers

Language skills:

Continuing to learn simple words and rhyming words

Improving vocabulary of words, with 2 to 3 new words introduced each week

Sight words to enhance reading skills

Listening to stories, understanding simple story telling

Use of more complex and compound sentences and continue to expand vocabulary through reading and comprehension practices

Practicing writing skills, and understand that writing goes from left to right and top to bottom.


They continue to grow and now are developing more control over their fine and gross motor skills.

Opportunities to develop gross motor skills, while having fun in outdoor play,

Teachers encourage group activities to build self esteem, while playing with peers

Children develop skills, like running, jumping, throwing, and climbing etc through play and interaction in school activities

Encourage improving hand eye coordination abilities in building blocks structures, stringing beads during art and craft

Plenty of table activities to choose from like play dough and creating art by using crayons, and other materials.

Skills like pouring sand / water into small containers at play

Emotional and social:

Children are still developing the control over their emotions. They like repetition and feel secure with familiar adults. Teachers build trust by providing structured daily routines and modeling positive reinforcement.

Reading to children and encourage them to listen, and ask questions

Participate in songs, and drama activities

Model good behavior and allow child to express their feelings

Teaching public speaking to develop self esteem and making them confident communicators

Yoga for practice and learning skills

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